Looks Like Fortnite Just Got Even Bigger

Even though Epic has been constantly tweaking the game ever since it first launched in late 2017, Fortnite has always felt like more or less the same game. With this newest update though, that might not be the case anymore. New weapons and even vehicles are to be expected, but brand new systems are something else entirely.

Based on the new trailer released y Epic yesterday, it looks like Fortnite has just undergone a dramatic change. The map everyone has come to know is gone, and in its place is something entirely new. It also looks quite a bit bigger and would indeed have to be in order to support vehicles like the boat seen in the trailer. It also looks like players will have more opportunities to use the environment to their advantage, no more will collapsing structures be the only alternative to shooting.

Even two years out from its initial release, Fornite: Battle Royale still supports a very strong following. Epic could have left it as is and continued to rake-in the cash, but it seems they’re aware that even the most popular games will fade if significant measures aren’t taken to keep it feeling fresh. Big changes also have the potential to turn off a fan base entirely, so it remains to be seen if this overhaul will end up being the thing that keeps Fortnite relevant for another year.

What do you think of Fortnite and these changes? Does the game now interest you more than it used to?

Lede image from above trailer.


  1. I haven’t been on Fortnite in quite some time now, but I have definitely had a lot of fun on it with friends in the past, so I will definitely be giving it another go to see what tweaks they have made.

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  2. Honestly the game was way better back in season 2-3 and its getting worse. Once ps5 is released ill get it and play some new games aswell. And just found out your blogs pretty interesting. Mind checking my ps5 blog as well. And Idk if its good, because its my first.

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