Ghost Parade Might Be Worth Keeping an Eye On

There’s always something new coming out of the indie games sector these days. Some of it is great, a lot of it is terrible, and then there are some games that aren’t easy to read right away. They don’t look like a home run, but there’s definitely potential. Ghost Parade is one of these games.

Ghost Parade is an adventure-platformer based on Indonesian folklore. It’s starring character is a young girl named Suri, who goes from simply taking a shortcut home to going on a grand quest to save the forest and its spirit inhabitants. Based on what’s known so far, Suri can call upon up to 30 ghostly companions to help her overcome obstacles she can’t handle herself. She is of course no pushover, sporting adept climbing skill and a mean weapon in the form of her trusty lantern. Add in some beautiful artwork and you’ve got a game with the potential to be great.

The gameplay shown for Ghost Parade far is looking a bit rough around the edges in terms of its animation and moment-to-moment gameplay, but its artwork and progression systems lead me to believe that it just needs a little bit of polish in order to really shine. Check out its website and give the game a look once it launches in November!

What do you think of Ghost Parade? Know of any other games at a similar level?

Lede image is a promotional screenshot