‘Court of Owls’ Teased for Next Batman Game

The “Arkham” series of Batman games may be over, but the Caped Crusader’s video game career is certain to continue. Lately, hints have been dropping for a new Batman game; they’ve been absolutely cryptic until today, when a tweet from WB Games Montreal gave fans their first clue as to what exactly is going on.

“Capture The Knight,” is how the caption reads. This, when combined with the symbols below have lead many fans to believe that the main antagonizing force this time around will be the “Court of Owls.” It’s an organization that is in many ways the opposite of “The League of Assassins” led by Ras Al Ghul. Whereas the latter seeks to mercilessly cut-down any and all criminals it finds, the former is an organized crime ring comprised of Gotham City’s oldest and wealthiest. Their goal is simply to continue to control Gotham and enrich themselves from the shadows.

The court will certainly make for an interesting opposing faction, but only if they’re written better than the likes of Bane, Hugo Strange or The Arkham Knight from the Arkham series. Keep your fingers crossed, bat-fans!

What do you think? Are you psyched to see a new Batman game in the works?

Lede image from Batman: Arkham Knight Steam Store page