Check Out the Luigi’s Mansion 3 Gamescom Presentation!

Luigi’s Mansion 3 isn’t all that far away now, but there’s still plenty we don’t know. Thankfully, Nintendo decided to show-off a bit more of the game at gamescom 2019, and not just another short trailer either. Instead, they had an entire 30 minute segment from early in the game available for attendees to view, and now we get to take a look too! Check it out below!

There’s actually a few exciting gameplay features on display here, including new combat abilities and Gooigie options. Starting with combat, it looks like it’s no longer just a matter of getting the light on a ghost and trying to vacuum them up before something else can interfere. Now, Luigi has to stun them in different ways and can slam them around to keep the ghosts from fighting back too fiercely. He can even slam them into other ghosts as a form of crowd control.

As for Gooigie, it looks like Luigi’s gooey doppelganger is primarily going to function as an explanation tool. If there’s a tight space ahead or a location only accessible through spikes or some sort piping, then it’s Gooigie’s time to shine. There’s actually a fair bit more than that to see in the video, but these are some of the more exciting points, I think.

Are you excited fro Luigi’s Mansion 3? What do you think will be the coolest new feature?

Lede image from Nintendo eShop