The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan’s Shared Story Mode Goes Further Than Expected

Supermassive Games is really swinging for the fences with their next branching-narrative horror game: The Dark Pictures Anthology – Man of Medan. It has everything that fans of Until Dawn enjoyed, but massively expanded and with a shared story experienced deftly woven throughout. Multiplayer may sound like an odd choice for this kind of game, but these developers have found a way to take to a level that we could previously only imagine.

Basically, playing The Dark Pictures Anthology – Man of Medan with another player means that both will have an equal amount of agency over how the story will play out. Both can have their own conversations with different characters at the same time. Both have their own set of decisions to make too, even when interacting with each other! This shared story mode even goes so far as to allow both players to explore two completely different locations simultaneously and make choices that will drastically affect the outcome of the story.

Seriously, this is a video worth checking out even if you’re not interested in the game. I never imagined that I’d get to see multiplayer implemented in this way, and its got me feeling hopeful that there’s still even cooler ways to for games to use the feature in the future!

What’s your take on Man of Medan and Supermassive Games’ shared story feature? Do you find it exciting, or do you have concerns?

Lede image from Man of Medan dev diary #4