Unforgettable: 8-Bit Grannies World Tour

In the not too distant past, I decided to replay Rayman Legends.  Like its predecessor, Rayman Origins, this game is the perfect combination of beautiful, challenging, and sometimes, downright weird.  Out of a plethora of strange moments, none are so memorable for me as the music levels, even more so when you consider their 8-bit variations.  And the most outrageous level of all…8-bit Grannies World Tour.

Now, the regular versions of these levels merely have your chosen hero or heroes running through a level that is timed with the music.  The 8-bit versions, however, provide an extra layer of challenge by adding various special effects to the level, such as making it increasingly pixelated or requiring you to play through the whole level with some sort of bloated, fish-eye lens.  It’s bizarre, but quite satisfying once you manage to overcome a level when given such an unfair disadvantage.

And then there’s the 8-bit Grannies World Tour, which takes many of the funky effects from previous stages and combines them with some new tricks designed solely to slip you up.  The screen flips upside down.  Your character is pixelated beyond all recognition.  Bursts of incomprehensible static obscure the screen from time to time.  Things start to get really tricky when the screen quadruples, no, now there’s nine, now there’s…64?!  I can’t even see where I am anymore!  (Actually, at one point, the number of screens actually exceeds 100!)

Video by Youtube User: IGN Walkthroughs

This level seems impossible.  I mean, how are you supposed to platform your way through anything when you can’t even see your own character?  Well, the top thing you need to do is trust the music, which will often tell you when to jump or attack obstacles.  And secondly, take a deep breath and repeat to yourself…mind over matter, mind over matter.  This level is only difficult if you allow the insane amount of distractions to convince you that it is.  Because honestly, though it may look overwhelming, it’s really not.  Once you fall into a rhythm, it’s no big deal.

But boy, is just has to be one of the most memorable platforming levels in the history of gaming!

Screenshot from Flickr User: PSMANIA