Animal Crossing: New Horizons Finally Has a Release Date!

One of the games I absolutely was dying to see at this year’s E3 was the new Animal Crossing game for Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has been teasing it for at least two years now, and I was going to be incredibly bummed if I didn’t get either gameplay or a release date this time around. Thankfully, Nintendo provided both!

Today Nintendo officially introduced fans to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. All the classic features are here, but they’ve all been iterated upon. Villagers now appear to have even more control over how their town looks and even more options for prettying it up. There’s a crafting mechanic now, and rivers no longer stand as obstacles (YAAASSS!!!)

Cooperative play is back too, and it looks like we can even more than the usual four friends hanging out at any one time. Unfortunately, Animal Crossing: New Horizons won’t release in 2019 after all, but we won’t have to wait too much longer; it’ll be our March 20 next year instead. Nintendo offered an apology for the delay, but their reasoning is the best it could be: they want to make the best possible version of the game that they can. Nintendo has never skimped on quality, so I’m happy to give them the time. It’s been 6 years. What’s a few more months, right?

What were you excited to see at E3 2019? Did you get your wish?

Lede image grabbed from the trailer.


  1. fminuzzi says:

    I’m happy to wait for a better game =) Besides, I think they’re trying to avoid crunch, and as someone who makes games, I wholeheartedly approve.
    I’m definitely buying Animal Crossing digitally, so it’s always on my switch. It’s the kind of game I know I’ll be playing a bit at a time for years, so I don’t want to forget the cartridge at home!
    Hm, this E3 was strange (for me). On the one hand, more info for games I know I want (DQ11S, Pokemon S/S, FE: Three Houses, Smash DLC, etc) is nice, but it’s not as exciting? I feel like there wasn’t a ‘Suprise!’ game, or something cool that isn’t a sequel to a game I already liked… But maybe my bar is too high.

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    1. Hatm0nster says:

      Surprise announcements are always fun, but I guess some years are better suited to that than others. Maybe we’ll see more of that next year once we’re closer to the launches of Scarlett and PS5.


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