What I Want To See at E3 2019

E3 2019 is finally upon us! The announcements will have already started rolling in once this post goes up, but I still wanted the chance to talk about the things I hope to see at the show this year. I’m not everything on the list will get attention, but you never know. E3 may be on its way out, but it’s still a magical time wherein anything can happen!

Halo, Halo, Halo!

I really want to know more about what’s going on with Halo over the next year or so. Halo: The Master Chief Collection has massively improved in the years since launch, and it’s supposed to get even better with the addition of Halo: Reach sometime this year. I’m really hoping Microsoft tells us more about when Reach is coming to the collection and what features they’re going to include. Here’s hoping we still get to earn armor without paying real money!

Speaking of that, I really, really, reeeally want to know what’s up with Halo: Infinite! Halo 5: Guardians left the series in a very weird place in terms of story, progression and gameplay, and I’m really curious to see if they’re going to attempt a return to form with Halo: Infinite. The rumor right now is that it’s going to be a live service similar to Destiny; if so, they’re going to have to handle it very carefully. Halo and Destiny are complete opposites of each other in terms of, well…everything. I’d hate to see Halo compromised so that Microsoft can have its own easily-monetized Destiny-clone. Guess we’ll know soon enough though.

CyberPunk 2077 Please!

Not much to say here I suppose. We all know Cyberpunk 2077 is at least another year away, and I’m perfectly fine with waiting. CD Projekt Red knows what it needs to do to get the game just the way they want it, and I’m willing to wait as long as it takes for them to get it there. That said, I’d love to see some gameplay for it. A nice reminderr of why a game’s exciting never hurts, right?

Time to Move into a New Animal Crossing

We’ve heard almost nothing about the next Animal Crossing since Nintendo briefly teased it last year, and it’s becoming difficult to wait for more news on it. It’s been almost 7 years since the last proper entry in the series, making this the longest break we’ve ever had between games! This next one is also going to be on the Switch, which is extra exciting since we’ll finally get to play it on a proper TV screen for the first time since 2007’s Animal Crossing: City Folk. In short, it’s been way too long! Give me some good news Nintendo!

Hope for Beyond Good and Evil 2?

The reveal of Jade and Pey’j in last year’s Beyond Good and Evil 2 trailer gave me some hope for the new game, but I still have a lot of doubts that Ubisoft’s team can pull off a successful sequel. It’s been a couple of years since the game was announced, so maybe we’ll finally get to see some actual gameplay this year? That’s what I’m hoping for, and I’d really like to see some glimmer of the original game in it somewhere. I’m not feeling very confident though.

The Long-Shot: Metroid Prime 4

I highly doubt we’re going to see anything on the next Metroid game at this year’s E3. After all, Nintendo only just announced that development was restarting back in January, so it’s very likely that they’re still in the concepting phase right now. Even so, I can’t help but hope to see something about it. I’d even take a 30 second long teaser at this point. It’s been so long since we’ve gotten a brand-new, non-remake in the Metroid series, that seeing anything at all would be incredibly exciting!

That’s all I’ve really got for now. I’m sure we’re going to see plenty of content for projects that were already announced and shown in years past, and there will likely be some teaser for Bethesda’s Starfield and maybe even Elder Scrolls 6. Otherwise, I’m thinking that most of the big E3 press events will be focused on new IP and new hardware. It’s going to be an interesting show regardless of what shown though, that’s for certain.

What are you looking forward to seeing at E3 2019? Any predictions to make or long-shots you’d like to see?

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