For Some Reason, Super Mario Maker 2 is Really Exciting

Despite having been a gamer for about 24 years now (holy cow!), I still can’t say for certain which games will pique my interest and which won’t. I know what genres gravitate towards, features I tend to value, roles I like to play and content I like to avoid. That should be enough to know exactly what I like, but I suppose not. For example, I don’t particularly care for games that focus on creating your own stuff. I’m not really all that interested in building my own cities, levels, stories and so on. I’d much rather just play around with what the professionals create, you know? So with that in mind, I really should care less about the release of Super Mario Maker 2, since it’s whole shtick is creating your own stuff. Except…I’m thinking that way at all. Super Mario Maker 2 is actually really exciting!

I mostly missed out on the first Super Mario Maker. I didn’t have a Wii U and my only real interaction with the game was running through the punishingly-difficult levels my friends made. It wasn’t exactly fun playing it as a result, but my interest was sparked nonetheless. I also watched quite a few YouTube videos showing-off people’s creations. The level of creativity on display was incredible and I found myself thinking that I’d like to take a crack at it myself one day. That day never really came though, so I just shelved the thought and figured that would be the end of it.

However, I suppose that’s not the end after all, eh? The sequel will be out in less than a month and is going to be even more robust than the original. Based on everything Nintendo has said and shown about the game, it looks like it’ll be easier than ever to make the level of your dreams, and that thought is actually exciting to me for some reason. I don’t think I’m going to be one of those players who makes all kinds of levels or pours hours upon hours into their creations. Instead, I think this is just a case of really loving the Mario games and liking the idea of finally getting to make some of my own. I can hardly even imagine it: a Mario level featuring all my favorite level-elements from the 2D games. So awesome! Not to mention that a little bit of cold Mario-themed revenge would taste pretty sweet right about now.

It’s kind of funny how even games that fall way outside our normal interests can still capture our attention, isn’t it? I suppose it just serves to illustrate how there are many reasons for playing games, just as there are many ways of enjoying them. Perhaps that’s why it’s easy to keep playing games even after many, many years of it?

Are you excited for Super Mario Maker 2? Played any games that should have been way outside your usual interests?

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  2. I’m excited about the possibilities that the 3D World theme opens up. I know it’s not true 3D space, but the idea that things in the background can come at you is really cool. I’m hoping to see other Mario Game themes as DLC as well. Might be too tough to ask for but imagine being able to create Mario Galaxy style levels?

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      That would be incredible!

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