Jurassic Park: Warpath – A Fighting Game That Actually Exists!

The older I get, the more convinced I become that the 90’s really were a special time in gaming. Games were simpler, they had all the draw that modern games do, and (perhaps most importantly) they were just different. We got games in the 90’s that would never get made today, and that’s a fact. Don’t believe me? Think this is just a nostalgia trip going a bit too far? Well, you might be right, but so am I and I have proof. Dear readers, I hereby present to you: Jurassic Park: Warpath. A 3D fighting game that allows you to play out your wildest, dinosaur-fightin’, fantasies!

There’s no way this would get made today. I guarantee it! 😀

I just happened to rediscover this little gem while browsing through a used media store last weekend. I could hardly believe it when I saw it: a Jurassic Park fighting game! Memories of renting this at Blockbuster way back when came flooding back, and I knew I had to get! Who knew when I was going to find it out in the wild again?

This game is 90’s style in all it’s over the top glory! The menus have that over-designed look that just about every gaming menu had back then. Dinosaurs are seen milling about in the background, ominous music is playing…it’s excellent. After hopping into Arcade mode, one can choose from several of their favorites from the movies, and even a few dinos that never show up anywhere else in the whole franchise! Play enough, and one can even unlock the Spinosaurus and have a proper showdown with the T-Rex! Additionally, every stage is taken straight from the movies, and each dinosaur gets to make a dramatic entrance before the fight kicks-off in earnest.

Unfortunately, the game itself isn’t very fun to play. Jurassic Park: Warpath, has all the common problems that plagued early 3D fighting games, and it has very little to make up for it. The dinousaurs feel slow and bulky (which makes sense), but can also jump like they’re on the moon. Combos are difficult to figure out, blocking only works when it wants to, and playing against the computer feels cheap at times. There’s a practice mode and a really cool museum that gives players extra info about the dinosaurs, but that’s really all there is to the game besides Arcade and 1-versus-1 multiplayer.

Even so, I still consider this game a gem. It’s the kind of ridiculous game that we just don’t see anymore and will very likely never see again. Licenses like Jurassic Park are guarded jealously these days, so there’s no way someone would take the risk on making a game like this. It’s not the dinosaur fighting game I’ve always wanted, but it’s not too far off the mark. Give it a try if you happen to see it some day! 😀

What do you think of this? Any hidden gems you love despite their flaws?

Image by Flickr User: Christian Haugen