KH3 Disney Worlds Ranked

Hey there, everyone.  I am still trying to fill the empty void that was left in my life once I completed Kingdom Hearts 3, so why not enjoy a ranking of every world in the game?  When choosing what order in which to rank these worlds, I took into consideration many factors, including the story (bonus points for not following the movie), how interesting the world is to explore, and just how fun the world is in general.  Your list will surely differ from mine, but without further ado, the Duck’s list of Disney worlds, from worst to best.

7: Arendelle

For me, Arendelle was an easy choice for the weakest world in KH3.  Sure, it was beautiful in its own way, but there was very little variety in scenery.  I mean, a snowy mountain is nice and all, and I really liked the ice labyrinth, but couldn’t they have found more ways to spice it up a bit?  Or even allow us to visit, you know, Arendelle?

And let’s not forget that this world is largely spent climbing up and down this very mountain multiple times.  Doesn’t that sound fun?

Because it shouldn’t.

The story did not stray from the original movie, even going so far as to recreate multiple scenes, and Sora and his allies were completely unneeded here.  Unlike Kingdom of Corona, we didn’t even get to fight alongside any of our favorite characters from the movie.  (Because who thinks having the abominable snowman in our party was as interesting as Elsa, Anna, or Kristoff would have been?)

They also make you rebuild Olaf not once, but twice, if you decide to return here to look for any treasures and lucky emblems you missed.  I will never forgive Square for that and the annoying lines of dialogue that were repeated all throughout.

The boss is also a random Heartless.  I will be bringing this up again more later.

6: Monsters Inc

The best thing I can really say for Monsters Inc is that they went with a story that took place after the movie, rather than attempting to recreate the movie, while halfheartedly shoehorning Sora into it.  (That’s honestly the biggest factor that kept this world off the bottom of the list.)  And though the world started out promising, with some familiar locations from the movie, the rest of the world was spent running around a bunch of ugly factory hallways.  It got old really fast and remains as the most visually unappealing world in the game.  And once again, rather than fight someone we actually were familiar with (cough Randall cough), we fight, yet again, a random Heartless as the world’s boss.

5: Olympus

To be honest, my feelings towards Olympus are fairly lukewarm.  But unlike the earlier two worlds on this list, at least this world had some variety in its locations and didn’t just copy from the movie.  It was also a bit less linear than some of the other worlds we visit later.  We also fight a few Titans rather than (you know the drill) a random Heartless boss, which is nice.  The downside is there is no Coliseum like in the past KH games.  Truly, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

4: Kingdom of Corona

Kingdom of Corona shares some of Arendelle’s flaws, in that it follows the movie too closely, recreates entire movie scenes, and Sora and his allies don’t feel terribly important.  Unlike Arendelle, however, you actually got a nice variety of locations, such as forests ranging from bright and cheery to misty and spooky, caves, and a lovely city to check out.  (The city is not terribly big, but it was charming, nonetheless.)  And though I did not enjoy putting Olaf back together in Arendelle, I kind of thought the dancing minigame in this world was kind of adorable.

This world also sports some extra interactions with Rapunzel, which was a nice touch, as well.  And though you, once again, fight a random Heartless as the world’s boss, perhaps I can overlook that fact due to how beautiful this world is.

3: San Fransokyo

Out of all the Disney/Pixar movies represented in this game, Big Hero 6 is the only movie I haven’t yet seen (still waiting for it to become available on Netflix), so I have no clue as to how the story in this world relates to the actual movie.  Aside from that, let me get the main flaw out of the way and say that it felt like our time in this world was spent running from one holographic marker to the next.

Otherwise, Sora and his friends felt more important in this world than some of the others, and I loved that we got a big huge city to explore.  (You may notice that the top three worlds on my list were the least linear.)  Really, that was the biggest highlight for me.  The city was just so huge and overwhelming at times (but in the best possible way).  Not only did you have a large area to explore, but you had skyscrapers to climb and all kinds of neat nooks and crannies.  Oh, and the boss is not a random Heartless.

2: The Caribbean

Initially, the Caribbean loses points for once again following too closely to the story of the original movie and for making us collect hundreds of crabs to upgrade our ship.  Yes, crabs.

Hundreds of crabs.

But these flaws were more than made up for with the world’s stunning, nearly photo-realistic graphics and open feel.  Instead of making us trek through endless, linear hallways like some of the worlds on this list, you could actually explore a bunch of optional islands.  Also, I have to give this world points for also being one of the only ones where you don’t fight a random Heartless as the boss.  Rather, you get to fight Davy Jones and the Kraken, which was pretty cool.  (Certainly not the most classic Disney villain, but I’ll take what I can get.)

1: Toy Box

First off, though this is my favorite world in the game, I will admit that it did have its fair share of flaws.  More locations from the movie(s) would have been welcome (Andy’s room is nice and all, but what about the rest of his house?), and once again, we fight a random Heartless as the world’s boss (I was really hoping for a battle against Zurg!).  Also, removing all humans from this world kind of took away a major part of the movies…being a sentient toy in a world filled with humans who couldn’t know that you were alive.

And was it just me, or was there something…off about Woody and Buzz’s personalities?

Ahem, despite these complaints, I can’t deny the fact that this world was a huge highlight for me, considering Toy Story is one of my favorite movies.  Exploring Andy’s room and the street outside his house, followed by a huge toy store, with Buzz and Woody coming along for the ride, was such an awesome experience.  I mean, that special Disney/Pixar magic is a big reason why we all love Kingdom Hearts, isn’t it?  Furthermore, they didn’t copy the story from any of the movies, which was nice, and the toy store was open enough that it eliminated the issue of running through endless corridors (outdoors or otherwise), as was the case with some of the worlds lower on this list.

I also just liked the great level of detail put into this world, including the references to such things as the Pizza Planet truck and even Final Fantasy summons, which appeared as figurines on the second floor of the toy store.

Well, that pretty much covers it.  Now, dear readers, what was your favorite world in Kingdom Hearts 3?  What was your least favorite?  Please let us know in the comments below!

Screenshot by the Duck of Indeed

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  1. Krystallina says:

    I can’t decide between a couple of them, but my list would be something like:

    1/2 – San Fransokyo/Caribbean
    3 – Corona
    4/5 – Monstropolis/Toy Box
    6 – Olympus
    7 – Arendelle

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