Are You Ready for Devil May Cry 5?!

There’s something about games like Devil May Cry,, Persona 5 and DOOM that just plain makes them exciting, even if they still aren’t necessarily appealing. This has always been true, but I think the state of modern gaming makes it even more acute. There are so many joyless, dull-as-dishwater-looking games coming out these days that anything with a little bit of style and color instantly becomes exciting; bonus points if it isn’t a live service. Devil May Cry is due out this Friday, and it has just about everything a gamer looking for something different could want. It’s visuals are intense; the combat focuses on being as stylish as possible while racking up combos; its heroes are snarky jerks, and it’s got a kickin’ soundtrack to top it all off!

(Look at how these cutscenes were concepted!)

A demo for the game came out awhile back, and it was encouraging despite being a bit too short. I’d highly recommend trying it if you’re unfamiliar with the series or “spectacle-fighters” in general. So…yeah. Devil May Cry 5 is out soon. It’s a single-player, story-driven game dripping with style and character, and I’m really hoping it’s good enough to succeed since we’re basically being starved for games like it at the moment. Seriously, at least check out if you’ve got some free time.

What games are you excited for this month? There are quite a few? What’s got you the most psyched for them?

Lede image is promotional screen shot from the Devil May Cry 5 website.