Crackdown 3 Is Out Later This Month…Wow.

Crackdown 3 is out later this month, and…it’s kind of weird saying that. Games suddenly emerging from the bowels of development purgatory are nothing new, but after so many delays and so deadlines broken, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who thought the game would eventually wind up being vaporware. Obviously, I was wrong.

For those unfamiliar with this series, the above trailer lays out the core premise pretty well. Players take on the role of super-powered law enforcement agents with the mandate of stopping crime by any means necessary. In the world of Crackdown, that usually means causing all manner of chaos using crazy powers, ludicrous sci-fi weaponry, and fighting enemies that are more super-villian than run of the mill criminal. Crackdown 3 is promising to dial all of this up to 11, let fans play cooperatively with a friend, and even compete online in its brand new “Wrecking Zone” mode. Oh, and let’s not forget that Terry Crews will be lending his boundless enthusiasm to bring the game’s main character,  Commander Isaiah Jaxon, to life. It should be great.

Of course, games that spend this much time in development rarely escape unscathed, and early impressions of the game’s visuals aren’t glowing to put it lightly.m Still, if only the visuals have been affected by the long development cycle, then Crackdown 3 should be a great game for anyone who enjoys open world mayhem.

What do you think of Crackdown 3? Gonna give it a try or a pass?

Lede image is an official promotional screenshot