Rocket League Has Crossplay on PS4 Now

After an excessively long period of insisting that it couldn’t be done, Sony has finally opened up their previously walled garden to crossplay with the other riff-raff out there. Given how adamant Sony was in their stance, I was certain the day would never come, but here we are. It’s 2019 and we can finally all play Rocket League together.

On Monday, January 14, cross-play across all systems went live for Rocket League, making it the second game offer the feature after Fortnite. That’s not to say that other developers didn’t want full cross-play feature for their games, they did. Sony just didn’t want to allow it. Nobody liked this, but you can kind of see where they were coming from. Most of the appeal of a console comes from the games available on it, but a not insignificant amount also comes from whether or not one’s friends are playing on it. Sony’s PlayStation 4 is the console leader right now, so allowing crossplay would be akin to giving up a piece of the significant advantage they’ve built up for themselves.

However, they’ve apparently relented after getting quite a bit of heat on all sides. At least for Rocket League and Fortnite anyway. Whether or not this is a sign of things to come remains to be seen though. Fortnite might be the most popular game ever right now, but it’s kind of its own thing, and Rocket League is in a similar situation. The real test will come with the likes of Call of Duty, as that’s about as mainstream as it gets and is still a big motivator for gamers to all get the same console. For now though, drive on Rocket League, you’ve earned this!


Lede image is official promotional screen shot from Rocket League website.