Kindgom Hearts is Almost Here, The End is Finally in Sight

When I saw the E3 trailer for Kingdom Hearts III, I was honestly not all that excited about it. I used to be a massive Kingdom Hearts fan back when it was still relatively new. I knew Sora’s story backwards and forwards; I mastered the combat; I completed both Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 multiple times, and I even learned how the card system worked in the original Gameboy Advance version of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. I loved the series and was excited for the next one. However, years passed and in the next one never came. Instead, I presented with side-story after convoluted side-story. It’ll be about 13 years since the release of KH2 once Kingdom Hearts III releases, and the thing I’m honestly looking forward to most about it is finally getting some closure.

If I sounds like a bitter old fan, it might be because I am. I won’t deny that possibility. I’ve been waiting for this game for a very long time, so it’s release is kind of like an end-of-an-era moment for me. It looks fun, and I can’t wait to play it. I’m even looking forward to finally seeing how this absolutely bonkers story is finally going to conclude. All that said though, I’m just looking forward to seeing it end.

It’s admittedly a strange way to feel towards a series I once loved so much; one that I still hold a notable fondness for even now. I mean, who would want something they like to go away, right? However, I’m a firm believer in the idea that all things have their time and place, and that nothing can last forever. I’m not tired of Kingdom Hearts yet, and I don’t want to reach a point where I am. I want Kingdom Hearts III to be a conclusive end to the story being told. No cliffhangers; no hints at something greater or even more evil lurking just over the horizon. I want it to end so I can finally move on from Kingdom Hearts with warm feelings towards it rather than an unpleasant feeling of uncertainty regarding its future. After all, it took 13 years to finally get to the third mainline installment. How long would we have to wait for a fourth?

This is of course just a selfish wish of mine, and Kingdom Hearts certainly doesn’t have to go away completely for me to get what I want out of it. It’s just that I’d really like some closure after all this time, you know? I don’t want everything to end with yet another spin-off on a handheld console (or heaven-forbid a mobile game), and don’t want to have keep coming back with the hope the next game will finally deliver closure to the story. Kingdom Hearts III looks incredible, so much so that it would be the perfect game to send the series off in style.  For some reason, a line from the very beginning of the first Kingdom Hearts comes to mind here: “I just can’t wait! Once we set sail, it’ll be great!

Are you looking forward to Kingdom Hearts III? What’s your take on the series as a whole?

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  1. Krystallina says:

    I liked some of the spin-offs, but yeah, all the forced additional story can be annoying. Like, I don’t like Xion — way too forced and unnecessary. But I’m looking forward to KH3, although I wish hit hadn’t taken so long that so many of the VAs have died or are unavailable.


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