Beyond Good & Evil 2 Prototype Gameplay and Reiging-In the Hype

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still a very long way off. The fact that it’s happening at all is certainly something to be excited about, but it’s important not to let the hype take control just yet. The trailer shown at E3, while looking very much like the kind of game Beyond Good and…

“Well I’m Sold!”

“That’s it, I’m buying this!” Unless you’re adamant about waiting for reviews before deciding to buy, you’ll more than likely make that decision based on a game’s previews alone.  We’ve talked a bit before about effectively using previews to inform your buying choices, but that only really applies to game’s one isn’t already interested in….

Nintendo Switch Profile Icons Revealed

Thanks to a Twitter user going by the handle: “MoldyClay64”, the (hopefully) first set of profile icons for the Nintendo Switch have been revealed! 

REVII: From Trailer to Launch

It’s official: Resident Evil is scary again! Even if it is borrowing a bit from the likes of Amnesia and Outlast, but there’s no denying that Resident Evil is finally delivering the scares its fans have been wanting for so many years. This shouldn’t really be coming as a shock since so much of the game’s…

Games I’m Thankful For – Mass Effect 3

Did you have a good Thanksgiving this year? I hope you did. I did, and it (as always) got me thinking about the things I’m thankful for in this life of mine. Me being a gamer, there are more than a few games that I’m thankful for; I’ve even wrote about a few here before….

Hype Has Gotten A Bit Out of Hand

Getting hyped for video games is fun. It is. It’s fun to watch trailers for new games. It’s fun to speculate with other interested gamers about those games and what they might be like. Getting excited and full of anticipation for cool new games a big part of the fun of being a gamer. However,…

Are You Hyped Yet?

Somehow it’s finally April 2016 and we stand on the cusp of several very highly anticipated releases. By the time this goes up, Quantum Break will have finally made its way to eager fans, and both Ratchet & Clank and Dark Souls III will only be a couple of days away. It’s an incredibly exciting…