“Well I’m Sold!”

“That’s it, I’m buying this!” Unless you’re adamant about waiting for reviews before deciding to buy, you’ll more than likely make that decision based on a game’s previews alone.  We’ve talked a bit before about effectively using previews to inform your buying choices, but that only really applies to game’s one isn’t already interested in. For those that have already won our attention, it’s really just a matter of showing us what we need to see. What do we need to see in order to convince u to buy? Well, that depends…

(video from YouTube channel: Mass Effect)

Most of the time, I like to think of myself as someone who chooses their games carefully; someone who patiently waits for reviews and who then makes an informed decision based on the quality represented. I like to think of myself that way, but in truth that approach is more exception than norm. Instead, for most of the games I buy the decision is made well ahead of time. I’ll either decide to get it the day it’s announced, or I’ll decide to buy it after seeing what it’s all about through trailers and/or other sorts of pre-release media.

I was reminded of this after watching the launch trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda. It’s a game that I was probably already going to get eventually, but seeing this moved it up from “maybe sometime next month” to “I want this game ASAP”. I already knew what the gameplay looked like, what the basic scenario was, and what sorts of changes were made going from ME3 to Andromeda; it just wasn’t enough to actually get me excited for the game (the sting left by ME3 has lingered for quite a long time). This showed me exactly what I needed to see to get fully on-board with Mass Effect: Andromeda. It showcases the troubles the Ryder twins will have to overcome, the gravity of the situation, the wonders to be found, and most importantly for me: it displays the tone/mood the game is aiming for. If this is really what the game offers (and hopefully it is), then there’s no way I wouldn’t be super-psyched for it! 😀

I just think it’s funny how sometimes all it takes to get one on board the hype-train is a glimpse at exact right parts of the game that resonate with us. For me it’s knowing what sort of feel its aiming for, but for someone else it might be knowing how the combat works or just how much there is to discover in the game’s world. I suppose that’s why game marketing is the way it is. They more than likely know that there’s more than one path available to reach a person, and that their game will likely succeed or fail depending on how many of those paths they can successfully traverse in their advertising.

Are you firm in your resolve to wait until reviews go out, or do you often find yourself being won over by trailers and the like?  What is that specific thing that will make or break a game for you?
Lede image from official media page on MassEffect.com


  1. Agreed. It’s funny, reviews and after-release discussion are more likely to affect my “will buy… eventually” decisions rather than my “I want this game right bloody now!” decision.
    There are certain things I look for as well (gameplay, tone, narrative, Bioware is making it, etc) and if it hits the right boxes then, yeah, I let myself get excited and will probably get it day one. Case in point, Andromeda.
    On the other hand if something is well reviewed and received I tend to wait til it’s on sale or I can pick up a GotY edition (or the GotY edition is on sale). Funnily enough this is the case with the original Mass Effect all those years ago.

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    1. Hatm0nster says:

      So reviews and the like serve more as tools for games you weren’t really all that excited for to begin with, then?

      You know, that actually makes sense since you’re probably going to buy stuff you’re psyched for regardless.


  2. Imtiaz Ahmed says:

    It’s tough, I sometimes say in my head, I won’t buy it on day 1, I’ll wait a few weeks to I can some of my backlog, but as early reviews start popping up I am more likely to save in. Take Zelda for example, I was saying I was going to wait, but then some great reviews coupled with a great deal I found on day 1 had me caving in.

    Given my love for the original ME trilogy I see the same thing happening here though.

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    1. Hatm0nster says:

      I know that feel.
      One week before launch: “I’ll definitely wait on this one. I’ve got other games to finish anyway.”
      Day before launch: “Hmm…looks like I should still wait a little while. It’s going to take a bit longer to finish what I’ve been playing it.”
      Launch Day: “Well, I’m planning on buying it anyway, so I might as well go pick it up now…”

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