Listmas 2018: Top Games with Stylized Graphics

With video game graphics getting more and more realistic, the games that really stand out to me above all others are actually those with interesting and unique art styles.  There’s certainly something to be said for a game that looks like a work of art, and below, I’d like to list my top examples of games with “stylized” graphics, in no particular order.

Okami: This is one of my favorite games because it has to be one of the most creative out there, with your ability to draw shapes with Ammy’s Celestial Brush in order to attack enemies or affect the environment.  To top it off, Okami sports beautiful, Japanese-style graphics that wonderfully compliment the game’s emphasis on Japanese culture and mythology.

Muramasa: The Demon Blade: Another game that takes place in Japan, Muramasa has beautiful, vibrant graphics that are some of the most stunning I have ever seen.  Even merely travelling from one location to the next is a treat, if only to indulge in this game’s amazing visuals along the way.

Ni no Kuni: Ni no Kuni looks like a Studio Ghibli movie (and no wonder, considering the company animated some of the cut scenes).  ‘Nough said.

Cuphead: Now this is one game on this list that I haven’t actually played, but I did watch a playthrough of it on PBGGameplay on Youtube.  This game looks like a 1930’s-style cartoon and features a whole cast of delightfully strange characters.

Ori and the Blind Forest: Another absolutely beautiful game featuring some stunning natural environments to compliment the game’s beautiful story.  In fact, Cary played through the whole game on our Youtube channel not too long ago.

Rayman Origins/Legends: I know this is two games, but the graphics for Rayman Origins and Legends are both so similar, I thought I’d list them both.  I love the graphical style of these newer, sidescrolling Rayman games, as they mix lovely scenery with zany characters.

And now, dear readers, what are your favorite examples of video games with unique, stylized graphics?  Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

Screenshot image from official Cuphead press kit


  1. Okami has my favorite art style in a game ever. Just so beautiful.


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