Listmas 2018: Most Memorable Odyssey Moments

Listmas is back for another season of list-making mayhem!  Santa’s got his list of good and naughty children.  We here at Virtual Bastion have lists for more gaming topics than you can shake a Wiimote at.  In recent months, I got the immense joy of playing Super Mario Odyssey.  Though I had many memorable moments with the game, I didn’t really know where to talk about them…until now.  Some of these can be considered spoilers, so if you have yet to play the game, tread with caution because they are strewn throughout….

The Big Bullet Bill: As anyone familiar with the game knows, the most important new feature is Mario’s ability to control enemies, a very fun and useful skill indeed.  My second biggest enemy-controlling-related shock came in the fiery caverns inside the moon (the first moon world, not the Dark Side or Darker Side of the moon).  I remember approaching a wall comprised of stone blocks, mentally predicting that something was surely going to break through at any moment.  And that’s when…one of the huge Bullet Bills smashed its way through, something I had yet to see before now.  Thrilled, I made no delay in tossing my hat at the immense bullet and flying it around in reckless abandon!

‘Stached Bowser: My second biggest enemy-controlling-related shock came in the form of controlling Bowser after the final boss fight.  I don’t think any more needs to be said here.  I should have seen this coming, but alas, I did not, and it was surprising and awesome indeed!

The Mushroom Kingdom: Super Mario Odyssey has some pretty cool locations, some of which were a surprise, and some of which I had already seen in the trailers.  One level which fell into the latter category was the Luncheon Kingdom.  It was here that I travelled through a portrait, only to find myself in a world that fell into the former category.  I had just arrived at Yoshi’s House, Peach’s Castle in the distance!  At this point, I started freaking out at the mere prospect of eventually getting to explore such an iconic location.

Super Mario 64 Nostalgia: Honestly, I didn’t have a very good experience with the much-loved Super Mario 64 because it was very difficult and because, back then, the mustached plumber and I didn’t exactly get along.  Nevertheless, I found myself feeling nostalgia for the game once I got to visit the Mushroom Kingdom after defeating Bowser.  You could dress as N64 Mario and visit an N64-style courtyard.  Yoshi was on the roof, as expected.  And you could even get a star by looking at the ceiling in Peach’s Castle!

The Dragon and the Ruined Kingdom: Leave it to Nintendo to make a game about kidnapping and forced marriage silly and lighthearted.  So imagine my surprise when I discovered that Bowser had a dragon in his arsenal!  Not a cute, colorful dragon.  No, a massive, scaly, nearly realistic dragon that I would never expect to see from a company like Nintendo!  In a Mario game!  Furthermore, we then visit a location called the Ruined Kingdom, a dark and foreboding place that is no more than the ruins of a once proud castle.  Or so I could only assume.  Now that was dark for a Mario game, literally and figuratively!

Good Knight: Spending my coins rather recklessly, or failing to put effort into collecting them to begin with, proved to be a bad decision when I beat the game and new, very expensive, clothes became available.  My first order of business was the epic looking knight armor, which cost a whopping 8000 coins!  I was so proud when I finally had the funds to purchase it.  Let me tell you, Mario looks surprisingly cool as a knight.

Skele-Mario: My next goal was to obtain the skeleton outfit for 9999 coins, which I eventually procured after lots and lots of coin-collecting.  While Mario looked cool as a skeleton, I was in for a shock every time I started up the game to find a skeletal Mario standing there, waiting for me.

Culmina Crater: Last of all was Culmina Crater, the final and hardest challenge of the game.  This place can be found on the Darker Side of the Moon, and I don’t think I would have gotten nearly as determined to complete it if there weren’t a bunch of people there cheering me on and Pauline singing her song from the New Donk City Festival.  It took nearly two hours of tries, and it was so amazing once I finally completed this final gauntlet of challenges, scaled the random skyscraper, and got my prize.  An invisibility hat!  I challenge anyone to beat the game while invisible.  I feel like that would be pretty tough….

Okay, dear readers, don’t be shy, why not share your favorite Super Mario Odyssey moments in the comments below!  Thanks for reading!


  1. Good list. The Bowser moment, the festival in New Donk City and the Mushroom Kingdom were probably my favorite moments from this game.

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    1. duckofindeed says:

      Yeah, those had to be the top moments from the game. My personal favorite was probably the Mushroom Kingdom. I was so excited when I discovered this world! And Nintendo surely understood that this place would be a big deal to a lot of people, considering we don’t unlock it until after defeating Bowser.


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