Pauline’s Coming To Mario Tennis Aces!

Nintendo released a new trailer a earlier this week revealing some of the new characters coming to Mario Tennis Aces early next year. The first two weren’t anything particularly special: just Luma and Boom Boom. Dunno who Boom Boom even is, but Luma is a nice addition; I was starting to wonder if we’d get to see those little stars again. THAT SAID, the biggest reveal is the addition of Pauline is as a fully playable character! That’s right, she’d not stuck doing cameo’s anymore!

Most older gamers recognize Pauline as the Mario games’ original damsel in distress. She was the one Mario had to save from the original Donkey Kong (now Cranky Kong), not Princess Peach. She’s appeared in a few other games wherein Mario and DK butt heads, games like Mario vs. Donkey Kong and its sequel (wherein DK must fend-off an army of mini-mario robots), but it wasn’t until her appearance in Super Mario Odyssey that she was featured in any prominent way. And now she’s going to be a playable character in Mario Tennis Aces. What a time to be alive.

As for details, we know that she’ll be a Speedy-type character and will become unlockable sometime between January and March 2019. That’s about it though, Nintendo still hasn’t revealed what her moveset will look like or shown how she’ll differ from the other players. But yeah, Pauline is a playable character now. Hopefully her introduction will go over well and make Nintendo more willing to feature her in future games.

What’s your take on this? Would you say it’s about time, or is this something that’s fairly irrelevant overall?