Warcraft III Is Coming Back

At last week’s BlizzCon, Blizzard made a couple of announcements they were absolutely certain would make their crowd of fans go wild with delight. One was for the now infamous Diablo: Immortal…the fallout for which they’re still running damage control. Seriously though, why on earth would they think that hyping up and announcing a mobile Diablo as their big BlizzCon reveal would go over any way other than extremely poorly? They should have known better. Ahem anyway, they also announced a remaster/remake for Warcraft III, the very last Warcraft game to release before World of Warcraft took over the series.

For those who weren’t really around for the early WarCraft games, they were pretty much the top-tier RTS games of the time. They weren’t the deepest games of the genre, certainly not, but they were just involved enough to captivate a great many strategy fans.

The game’s actually been going strong for many, many years now thanks to the incredible mod support and dedicated community behind it. With this game, fans both old and new should have a chance to rediscover why the World of Warcraft was so enticing to begin with (and perhaps Blizzard will remember that gamers like stuff besides MMOs and MOBA-esque games, but that’s not likely).

Warcraft III: Reforged will sport new sprites with new animations and voice-acting, new visuals rendered at standard high-definition, remastered maps and campaigns, a completely reworked UI, and a newly expanded and improved world editor. All custom maps made for Warcraft III will also be compatible. In other words, this game gonna be niiiice.

Come to think of it, seeing something like this only to have it immediately followed-up with a cruddy mobile game had to be even more infuriating for the BlizzCon audience. Yes, I said “cruddy.” There are certainly decent mobile games out there, but standard practice in that market has made finding them a difficult task. The objective of most mobile games these days is to milk their players for all they’re worth, and it’s publishers just like Activision-Blizzard that have cemented such practices. Thus “cruddy” is exactly the word that comes to mind when many gamers hear the phrase “mobile game.” It’s a reaction created by the publishers, not the gamer.

Soooo yeah. Warcraft III: Reforged looks cool. What do you think?