Borderlands 2 Is Coming to PSVR

Vault Hunters rejoice! Borderlands 2 is bringing its signature looting and shooting experience to PSVR!  This new version features (almost) everything fans loved about the original, plus a few extras to make the VR  experience flow just a bit more smoothly. 

Everything in the game can be experience in first person mode now, including vehicle combat, and there are two unique extras available for those that need a little extra help. These extras fall under the of “BAMF Time” (aka “Bad Ass Mega Fun Time”); while this is active players can slow down the flow of time to set up their next attacks and teleport around the battlfield. It’s not explicitly stated, but all the content for Borderlands 2 should be here, DLC packs included.

What has been confirmed though is the very unfortunate lack of multiplayer. Co-op has always been a major selling point for the Borderlands experience, so much so that it feels like a mere shell of a game when played solo. So, don’t go into this thinking you’re going to virtually tear up the world of Pandora with your buddies. This VR experience is strictly a solo affair. For those who don’t mind that though, Borderlands 2 VR launches for PSVR on December 14.

Image credit goes to Flickr user: JBLivin (cc)

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