Hello Neighbor is Getting a Prequel

Some months back, the full version of a little indie game called Hello Neighbor was released.  Though I had high hopes due to how interesting the Alpha and Beta versions of the game were, I was ultimately disappointed in the final game because it failed to successfully answer the questions I had going in (namely the whole mystery of what the neighbor kept in his basement).  With a confusing story and rather uninteresting gameplay, I left Hello Neighbor expecting to never give it another thought.

Until I learned that Hello Neighbor was getting a prequel called Hide and Seek, which is going to be released this December.  The prequel focuses on the neighbor’s two children and how the family deals with the loss of the mother.  There is already a free demo of the game available where you play as the daughter and collect stuffed animals in a massive room, all while supposedly avoiding the brother (this is what I read, though when I watched the demo on Youtube, I don’t recall ever seeing the brother during the actual gameplay).

Video from Youtube User: tinyBuildGAMES

Though the original game was a tad disappointing, I have to admit that, once I saw the trailer for Hide and Seek (see above), I was kind of excited.  I have a feeling that the game itself is not going to be a whole lot of fun, but I can’t deny that the trailer left me feeling quite intrigued to learn more about the events that took place before the original game.  It’s pretty clear that the family loses the mother (not sure if her death is related to the widespread fire seen in the trailer or not), and it seems the remaining trio don’t fare too well once she’s gone (it’s even hinted in the first game that the brother kills the sister at some point…).  Though I have no interest in the gameplay, I’m very curious to see how the family falls apart after the mother’s death, and I’m intrigued by the other locations shown in the game, such as the snowy cemetery at 1:36, considering all of the original game pretty much took place in or around the neighbor’s house and that’s about it.

Well, come December, we’ll see if Hide and Seek sheds some interesting new light on the events of the first game.  In the meantime, I’d like to hear your thoughts, dear readers.  What do you guys think about Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek?  Does it look interesting to you, or are you indifferent?  Do you think Hello Neighbor needs a prequel, or should it have stopped with the first game?  Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below!

Image from Flickr User: AustriaGaming