Makers of ‘Until Dawn’ Trademark ‘Shattered State’

For many “Until Dawn” was one of the better horror experiences to come about during this console generation. Sure, it was more or less just a spooky walking-simulator peppered with QTEs, but that spookiness came across in a major way. “Until Dawn” sold its players on its atmosphere and managed to send a chill down many a spine thanks to the genuinely unsettling ideas and themes that it employed. The point is, Supermassive Games knows how to craft a compelling experience. It’s important to remember this, because they’ve just registered a tradmark for a brand new project known only as “Shattered State.”

The developer has not released any details regarding their project, but there are a few assumptions we can make. The first is that it’ll take place in a world or country in which there is no unifying state anymore. This is the implication I get from the name combined with the logo’s design: shattered words radiating out from the anarchy fist. The second is that it’ll play similarly to “Until Dawn.”

The formula was received quite well in the last game, so there’s no reason to think it wouldn’t also work in a game about navigating a world ruled by anarchy. Heck, it might even be a better fit for the style than Until Dawn was. Whatever it is though, a new game by Supermassive Games is an exciting thing. Hopefully they’ll have details for us soon.

What do you think about this though? What do you think it is? Would you welcome another game like Until Dawn, or would like to see something different instead?