Resonance: Time To Relax

It’s Resonance month everybody! This is perhaps our longest running series of articles, and since it’s our five year anniversary, why not take the opportunity to really dive into it for once, right? To be honest, I wasn’t really sure what song I should talk about to kick things off. I have plenty personal favorites to talk about, not to mention a wealth of generally well-regarded pieces draw from after all. However, Resonance is first and foremost a series about those pieces that, well, resonate with us the most. So with that in mind, I’d like to present you with “Time to Relax” from Tales of Berseria.

I only just started playing this game a couple of weeks ago and I already have about 30 hours logged into it (30 hours in a couple of weeks is quite a lot for me). There’s quite a lot to like about the game, the characters and music especially. The cast of Berseria go through quite a lot of hardship over the course of the game, and moments of peace and calm are thus rather rare. When the cast does have an opportunity to rest and enjoy the company of their comrades, this is the theme that accompanies it.

(Video from YouTube Channel: Tales of Berseria Soundtrack)

It’s title isn’t all that grandiose or poetic, but I gotta say that it fits this tune to a T. Relaxing is exactly what it is. Listening to it while playing the game, I can’t help but find myself drifting off into soft lines of thought. Happiness for the group and their chance to have a moment of peace. Nostalgic thoughts of good times gone by and comforting thoughts of loved ones and the fun moments still yet to come. It’s a theme full of warmth and comfort, and for now (for whatever reason) it’s something that resonates strongly with me.

I’ve never played a Tales game before this, but Tales of Berseria has made for quite the experience so far. It’s story is gripping (even complex!), its characters are fun and believable, and its music has been surprisingly on point. “Time to Relax” is its strongest piece in terms of how its used and what it accomplishes, but the majority of the soundtrack is used well. Very highly recommended to anyone looking for a good JRPG and music that will stick with them even when they’re not playing.

Resonance month is just getting started everyone! What are some themes that resonate with you?

Lede image from PlayStation Store