Resident Evil 7 Coming to Nintendo Switch…Via the Cloud?

On Sunday, Nintendo and Capcom announced that the much beloved latest entry in the Resident Evil series, Resident Evil 7, will soon be coming to Nintendo Switch. While most Switch-owning horror fans will certainly welcome this, the announcement is still surprising considering Resident Evil 7’s impressive visuals. It’s a game that shouldn’t be able to run on the Switch, and indeed it can’t. This version of Resident Evil 7 won’t actually run on the Switch. Instead, it’ll be offered as part of a streaming service.

(Video from YouTube channel: biohazard)

Yup. Resident Evil 7 is going to be the first cloud streamed game on a Nintendo console. Streaming games in and of itself isn’t an entirely foreign concept for consoles. Sony currently has a whole library of games available to stream through its PlayStation Now service, and a similar service was once in the works for the Xbox One.

As for streaming games on the Switch, it looks like Resident Evil 7 is the only one for now. That said, this might just be Capcom’s attempt to test the waters and see if Switch owners are interested in game streaming. For those who don’t mind renting their games from time to time, it might just be an attractive service. In the case of Resident Evil 7, Capcom will be making it available to interested players at a price of $20 for 180 days of access to the game. With a time limit like that, it’s definitely much closer to a traditional rental, but the price seems fair all things considered.

The first market to get this version of the game will be Japan on May 24. If all goes well, perhaps we’ll be seeing it stateside later this year. The question is, will they be able to keep the game available to players who want to take it on the go? It’s kind of difficult to stream a game without a reliable internet access point after all.

What’s your take on this new version of RE7? What about streaming games in general?