God of War is Looking Both Good and Different

The newest entry in the God of War franchise is almost here, and I have to say that it’s got me feeling somewhat surprised. This continuation of Kratos’ story has him taking on a different pantheon, sure, but Kratos definitely doesn’t appear to be the same man who once destroyed Greek world in his quest for vengeance. This Kratos is still brutal and merciless towards his enemies, but his previously ever-present rage seems to have diminished considerably if not entirely.  He’s older. He’s tired. He’s got a son he needs to train and take care of as they take on this new quest. It would be enough to leave these qualities as story beats, but it seems the developer has seen fit to translate all of this in to the game’s gameplay too.

(Video by YouTube channel: PlayStation Japan)

Kratos’ berserker tendencies and strength are still on full display here, but they’re being employed who now appears to be acting more slowly and deliberately instead of his trademark reckless abandon.  Perhaps Kratos is just older and weary, or perhaps he’s being more careful for the sake of keeping his son, Atropos, safe and able to participate in the fighting. Whatever the case, this new God of War is looking really good. With 2018 being a relatively sparse year in terms of major releases, it’s not difficult to imagine this new God of War easily conquering many “game of the year” lists.

What do you think of the new God of War? Are you excited as a fan of the series? Is it different enough to get you to try a God of War game for the first time?

Lede image is official marketing material for God of War (2018)


  1. ogreatgames says:

    God of war has always been my fave game. But I never thought that Kratos could get old. It really is different. However, this makes me excited to know the continues story with his son. Still im not use to “He’s older. He’s tired. He’s got a son” Kratos type, there goes demigod.


  2. Never played it but I will really enjoy to watch it when it comes out and it’s story!

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