Hopefully Conquering Final Fantasy 8: Part 2

I’ve been slowly and steadily making progress in Final Fantasy 8, and I must say, I feel like I’m finally starting to get the hang of things.  As of writing this, I have just reached disc 2, and I have grown far fonder of the game and its characters than I did on my first playthrough.  Without further ado, an update on my progress…

My two main tasks, aside from the actual story, of course, has been drawing magic from enemies and playing Triple Triad.  As far as the former is concerned, I’ve finally grasped the sheer importance of Junctioning magic to one’s stats, not to mention making sure that your GF’s learn the proper abilities.  My main priority at the moment has been teaching them any ability that ends in “-J”.  A very blatant illustration of how vital this is comes in the form of two characters whose HP is 1800 and 2400 respectively, while the third character, with no HP-J ability currently learned, is 700.  Yeah, it clearly makes a drastic difference.  For whatever reason, Zell and Rinoa are the two characters stuck sharing the same dismal GF’s, so they always suffer during battles, but that is a discrepancy I am working on righting.

The other task I really ought to return to is Triple Triad, though, for the time being, I have reached a standstill.  Unfortunately, the Random rule has sprung up, and when I looked up how to get rid of it, it sounded rather bothersome.  Plus, at this time, I have no way of reaching Balamb (that I’m aware of, anyway) in order to speak to the Queen of Cards.  So, for now, I either have to seek her out in the future or I might just try out a plan of mine.  The Random rule shouldn’t affect me so much if I change all my weaker cards into items so that the game can only choose from my good cards.  Yeah, that could totally work, right…?

Well, that largely sums up my current progress.  I have been drawing magic like crazy, and though it is really time-consuming, it is satisfying watching my stats rise thanks to all the magic I have accumulated.  I have also been changing most enemies into cards to avoid gaining experience because I don’t want to level up and make the enemies tougher.  Though I had originally thought the game’s Junctioning system was a bit odd, I now find it pretty fun to play a game where I won’t be faced with leveling up endlessly in order to defeat my foes.  Anyway, enough of that.  G’day, folks!

Image from Flickr User: metallimaniac


  1. Celia Sheilamae Balderas says:

    Yeah that is my favorite part in Final Fantasy VIII actually. Not leveling up much and there is a skill that you will encounter half monsters just click Diablos and there you will see enc-none and when you click that you will realize there is fewer monsters that you will encounter and then later on when he learn that he can learn enc-none so that you won’t have to keep running away from the monsters

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    1. duckofindeed says:

      That Enc-None ability sounds pretty useful. I don’t think I’ve had Diablos learn that yet, but I really should. Since this game doesn’t require the player to level up tons, I might as well skip a lot of those tedious random battles. Thanks!

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