YouTube Highlights, Weekly Edition #48

Another week, another YouTube Highlights post! And a fine hello to one and all. Somehow we’ve come round to yet another Friday, (funny how that happens…) and so we must dispense with sharing a little gaming frivolity courtesy of our YouTube channel. Not that our videos are frivolous…no, not at all! We aim to bring you the best of the games we enjoy, and it’s all very hard work. We simply hope to spread around a little gaming fun and joy, that’s all. As these things go, if you like what you see here, please do hop on over to our channel and give us a thumbs up, or even subscribe if you’ve not already. And if there’s a game you might like to see us play in the future, hit us up here or over on Twitter or Facebook. We’d love to hear from you!

And so… :: drum roll :: …let’s see those highlights!

Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

This past week, The Duck of Indeed gleefully continued her adventure in Jax and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. There was much to do in the Precursor Basin — at least they had a vehicle in tow, which…helped? — and then it was time to start checking off tasks in the Boggy Swamp. Oh, and aren’t there just SO MANY Lurkers! So very many. Too many, possibly.

Nostalgic Notions

So what do you get with you cross Pac-Man with a 3D playing arena? Apparently, you get Pac-Mania! This was an interesting outing, and further proof that I’m awful at paying attention to anything. Especially a game’s control scheme.

Thanks for watching, and join us next week for a new video wrap-up!