YouTube Highlights, Weekly Edition #45

Happy Friday, friends! It’s been quite a week, one that we’re glad to see coming to a close. And that’s mainly because it means that it’s time to take another trip through our YouTube Highlights! If you’re clicking here for the first time — welcome! — this is our weekly post dedicated to revisiting some of our favorite videos from our channel from the past week. We invite you to join along by liking , commenting, sharing, and subscribing. All these actions give us the impetus to continue to bring you the games we love most.  And hey, if there’s something that you’d like yo see us play in the future, just let us know!

And now…

drum roll, please,

…we present our Youtube highlights!


The Duck’s most recent adventures in Banjo-Tooie consisted of returning to that which was. Yes, before moving on the game’s final final stage, it was only right that she would want to go back through previous levels and pick up a few overlooked collectibles, activities, and cheats. After that, it was on to some quiz-tastic fun with Grunty’s Tower of Terror game!

Nostalgic Notions

What happens when you try to play a co-op game without player number two? You might get something like what I attempted to do with this week’s Nostalgic Notions game, The Return of Ishtar. The sequel to the Tower of Druaga has a lot going for it. I’m sure it would have had more going for it if I had had that second player. Alas, life’s not perfect.

Thanks for watching, and join us next week for the next video wrap-up!