YouTube Highlights, Weekly Edition #43

Greetings, friends! Thank you for joining us on this fine Friday to take a look back at our YouTube Highlights for the week. Lately we’ve been wrapping ourselves in the warm, cozy blanket of classic platformers and classic-er(?) games. They do seem like the perfect things when the weather turns chilly. So come on over and sit with us by the fires of memory to explore some of our favorite titles. This week we’re revisiting things with everyone’s favorite bird and bear duo from Rare, in their second showing. And we also find out what Pac-Man’s life is like in his hometown. With ghosts. Because you can’t have Pac-Man without the ghosts.

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In her continuing adventures with Banjo-Tooie, The Duck likely spent some time cleaning up in her wading pond after traveling through the dusty and rusty muck of Grunty Industries! After bidding farewell to its boss, it was time to start scaling Hailfire Peaks. Yes, it’s chilly there, but at least it’s outside!

Nostalgic Notions

Can’t say I’d ever heard of this week’s “Nostalgic Notions” entry, Pac-Land, before my sad attempt at playing it. I’m sure that if I had spent more time with it, maybe I’d have gotten a handle on the control scheme, but fifteen minutes is fifteen minutes. And that was about all of this game I could handle!

Thanks for watching, and join us next week for the next video wrap-up!