YouTube Highlights, Weekly Edition #40

One big holiday down; one more to go! On this happy Friday we wish all of you a wonderful New Year. This year has been a wild one in so many ways, and we’ve had tons o’ fun making these highlight posts for you each week. If this might be the first time you’re clicking over, then welcome! Below you’ll find some of our best gaming videos from this past week on our YouTube channel. Chilling out here for few moments the perfect way to wind things down before revving them back up again for a grand New Year celebration. If you enjoy our antics, please give a like, or share, or leave a comment. And why not, subscribe as well? As always, thanks for watching. 🙂

One quick programming note: YouTube Highlights will be going on hiatus next week and will return on Friday, January 12th. We hope to see you then!

Now, on with the videos!


This week in all things Banjo-Tooie, The Duck spent a good portion of time in the game’s third stage: Witchyworld. What kind of a theme park could only be dreamed up by a few delusional witches? The answer to that question is in these videos!


Nostalgic Notions

In the grand pantheon of classic games, some games are more unusual than others, such as Phozon, this past week’s “Nostalgic Notions” entry. With a name like that, I was expecting some sort of laser shooter or space game. What Phozon turned out to be was a complete surprise.

Thanks for watching, and join us in two weeks for the next video wrap-up!