Secret Of Mana Getting Limited Physical Release in the Americas

Earlier this week, Square Enix announced that the Secret of Mana remake will see a limited physical release for the PS4 on February 15, 2018. Limited is certainly a keyword here as these physical versions will only be available at GameStop in the US and EB Games in Canada. Other retailers will be able to offer the game in Latin America though.

This version of the game also comes with pre-order bonuses in the form of exclusive character costumes. Pre-order customers will receive the “Moogle Suit” for Randi, Primm and Popoi, the “Tiger Two-Piece” for Primm and the “Tiger Suit” for Randi and Popoi. Aside from this physical release, Secret of Mana HD will be available digitally for Steam, PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

It’s too bad that the physical edition is only at GameStop. Anybody going to be picking this one up?

Lede image from the official Secret of Mana website.