YouTube Highlights, Weekly Edition #36

Hey everyone! Did  you all enjoy a nice Thanksgiving? We sure did – how nice it was to have couple days just to recover from a food coma relax. And now we’re raring to go with another YouTube Highlights post! As always, here we share some of our favorite highlights from our channel from the past week (or more, as we catch up here), and we hope that you enjoy what you see. We’ve seen quite a bit of activity on the channel recently, which is pretty darn awesome. You can easily join in the fun by subscribing, sharing, or just leaving a comment or a like. Every bit of support goes a long way in helping us maintain the channel to the best of our collective abilities. Thank YOU for the support!

With that, let’s head on to the videos!

Little Nightmares

The Duck’s deep and dark adventures in Little Nightmares: The Complete Edition have been progressing at a speedy pace!  Not only did she finish the main game (Episode 14), but she then dived into the game’s DLC, which is what makes this version of the game a special thing, indeed.

Nostalgic Notions

Feel a little bogged down with holiday fare? Well, leave it to a little classic gaming to put some pep back in your step! Speaking of “pep,” our past couple Nostalgic Notions games were certainly peppy! First, there was Mappy, which, oddly enough and much to my dismay, had absolutely nothing to do with maps. Second, there was Gaplus, a Galaga clone that I only wanted to play like Galaga, but the game had more in store than I thought.


As we must once again invoke the saying, “all good things must come to an end,” it came time recently to bid a fond farewell to Banjo-Kazooie. Not that they went anywhere, rather, The Duck completed her Let’s Play of this fantabulous title! Check out her final three videos in the series here or on the channel.

(P. S. If you’re hoping for Banjo-Tooie, the game’s grand sequel, you’re in luck! She’ll be continuing on with everyone’s favorite bird and bear at some point on the channel, so keep an eye out there for it.)

Thanks for watching, and join us next week for a new video wrap-up!