YouTube Highlights, Weekly Edition #35

It’s full-speed ahead with another round of YouTube Highlights! If it’s cold outside, we’ll warm you up here with plenty of gaming goodness. (And if you’re already warm, well…lucky you. 🙂 ) During the week, we traversed woodlands, mazes, and spooky spots all the name of fun and entertainment! If you find yourself suitable entertained after checking out our videos here, then why not hop over to our YouTube channel to view some more? Hit that “subscribe” button, and you’ll always know where we post something new!

Before we get on with the videos, we have a quick programming note. YouTube Highlights will be taking next week off since it’s Thanksgiving. We wish everyone a most lovely holiday, as we will surely be doing the same. So after today, YouTube Highlights will return on Friday, December 1.

Thanks as always to our followers, and now, time for the videos!

Little Nightmares

Things are getting tense for The Duck in her Let’s Play of Little Nightmare: Complete Edition. The stress of traversing creepy rooms with creepy things in the dark certainly isn’t helped by the fact that poor Six is rather hungry, either.

Nostalgic Notions

What can one say about Super Pac-Man? That it’s just like Pac-Man save for the jumbo-sized, yellow eating machine? One could say that, but one might then be missing the fact that Super Pac-Man is more than just a mere clone, as I discovered in this week’s episode of “Nostalgic Notions.”


In the mood for some fun platforming of the Banjo and Kazooie variety? Well, you can’t go wrong with The Duck’s continuing Let’s Play of, yes, Banjo-Kazooie! She’s been working her way through the four seasons of the game’s final stage, Click Clock Wood, where there’s just so much to do!

Thanks for watching, and join us in two weeks for a new video wrap-up!