Yiazmat is Driving Me Nuts!

You may recall from my last post on Final Fantasy XII that my time with the game is almost at a close.  All I have left is Mark #45 Yiazmat, the battle with Omega, a few Bestiary entries, and the ending of the main game.  My first goal was to defeat Yiazmat, who sounds pretty awful, considering the battle can take 3-7 hours or more to complete, but since you can save in between, it seemed like something I could complete with a lot of patience.

Well, I think I have surpassed 7 hours at this point, and I have gotten through 41 out of 50 health bars.  And you would think that’s pretty good, right?  Just 9 more, and all my hard work would have paid off.  And yet, this absurd battle is really starting to wear on me, and I have found myself increasingly aggravated at the game and this ridiculous boss fight.  In an effort not to rip my feathers out, I thought a little rant would be just the thing I need in order to make myself feel better.

Yiazmat is one of the most absurd things in gaming.  I have no idea what Square Enix was thinking when they created this monstrosity.  While the fact that it has 50 health bars is crazy enough, the…um, Heck Wyrm had tons of health, too, and you could defeat it pretty quickly.  The fact that the battle can take several hours to complete is also pretty insane, but again, I could tolerate this if I was making actual, consistent progress throughout the fight.  What I really can’t stand about this battle is…it’s just…you see…

I hate the constant interruptions!  As if a 50-health-bar, 3-7+ hour boss wasn’t bad enough, does Yiazmat really need to use Stop on me constantly?  Was the battle really not long enough that Square had to include Yiazmat’s White Breath attack, which can inflict Stop on your characters, sometimes all three at once?  Knowing that you have many hours left of the fight, while your characters are frozen in place, unable to move or do any damage whatsoever, is extremely annoying.  And then Yiazmat has the ability to kill your characters with one hit, even when they have over 9999 HP.  How a single attack does that much damage, I have no idea!  If that doesn’t get you, he’ll also whack you repeatedly with his massive claws, doing 3000 in damage each hit, which really adds up when he gets half a dozen hits in within seconds.  And if that doesn’t kill you, he’s got this Death Strike that WILL kill one character, guaranteed.  And to top it off, you’ve got Stone Breath sprinkled in like crazy, so when you’re not frozen in time or reviving a downed ally, you’re using Stona before your character is petrified.

If a battle involved an enemy with just one health bar and would take 30 minutes, sure, adding in a variety of attacks is fine.  But not here.  It’s just…it’s just not right in this instance.  Yiazmat is more like a malicious joke than merely the most powerful Mark in the game.  This isn’t a challenge; this is a punishment.  And it doesn’t help that every time I return to face this monster, it seems stronger.  I have looked online, and people say Yiazmat does not get stronger every time you return from saving (the Stage # listed on the right side of the screen, they say, is merely there to tell you how many times you have fled the fight).  But I have my doubts.  Because it used to take me an hour to knock out six health bars, and now I can only take out about three in the same amount of time.  My characters used to run out of MP after about three health bars, and now they run out after about one.  And Yiazmat used Growing Threat when he had 10 health bars left, when everyone says this shouldn’t happen until he has 3-5 health bars remaining.

Due to this increasing difficulty, and my own encroaching insanity, that is why I might have to give up on this fight, despite wasting so many hours.  Unless I can find a good strategy that will speed things up, I might have to throw in the towel and give up on the idea of getting 100% in this game.  I rarely give up in my games, even if it takes me a couple hours to overcome a tough challenge.  But this…this is just not worth my time.  I can’t see what meager reward I might earn in the end that would be enough to justify what will likely be 10 or more hours of annoyance.

Sigh…well, I feel better after that.  Thanks for listening, guys.  If I do manage to defeat Yiazmat, I’ll surely let you know.  I keep hearing that Reverse is effective in this fight, and though it hasn’t worked out that well for me yet, maybe I should give it another go.  We’ll see.  If I do decide to simply give up, I can’t say I’ll have any regrets about the decision.  And before I go, I’ve got a question for you all.  What has been the most ridiculous gaming challenge for you?  Did you eventually manage to overcome it, or did you meet your match?  Please let me know in the comments below!

A Thoroughly Peeved Duck

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  1. Krystallina says:

    I thought the challenges in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days were pretty ridiculous. No misses? No jumps? Always had 100% the previous Kingdom Hearts game, but I quickly decided it wasn’t worth it for Days.


    1. duckofindeed says:

      I really dislike games with arbitrary challenges like that. They’re just not very fun and definitely not worth the effort. 358/2 Days is one of those few Kingdom Hearts games I never intend on playing again.

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