YouTube Highlights, Weekly Edition #33

Happy Friday, one and all! We hope that you’re enjoying as lovely as day as we are. If not, maybe a little video cheer will do the trick. It’s time for us to travel back through our week in videos — and this was one heck of a week! We said good bye to one Let’s Play and hello to a brand new adventure. (Such is the way it is with Let’s Plays.) Meanwhile, we’ve steadily been figuratively hopping through retro games and literally hopping through classic platforming. And we hope that our offerings haven’t disappointed! If you like what you see here, then do click over to Virtual Bastion on YouTube, and show your support with a like, comment, or share. And hey, subscribe to the channel, and everything we do will be brought right to your front door!

Let’s hop, hop, hop to the highlights!

Little Nightmares

New this week is Little Nightmares Complete Edition courtesy of The Duck of Indeed. If you like games are a little creepy but aren’t too scary, then start your journey with her here in the first episode of her Let’s Play!

Nostalgic Notions

This past week in retro gaming, I played an old favorite for the first time in years — Xevious! Yes, the top-down shooter with the funny name and even funnier sense of what it means to progress. This video also marked the end of games on Namco Museum, Volume 1, and the start of Namco Museum, Volume 2. So there’s lots more retro gaming fun to come!


It’s only fitting that during the week of Halloween The Duck should end up in Mad Monster Mansion in Banjo-Kazooie. She had a grand time with ghosts and ghouls galore in this a haunted house that only Banjo and Kazooie could conquer! Once completed, it was then time to move onto the game’s next stage – Rusty Bucket Bay — but not without first doing a little extra exploring.

Mega Man X

This week we witnessed The Duck’s grand finale with Mega Man X. Though this playthrough represented her first, she proved she was a pro by showing off some definite platforming and shooting prowess during the game’s final two stages. Watch and enjoy a well-deserved send-off!

Thanks for watching, and join us next week for a new video wrap-up!