YouTube Highlights, Weekly Edition #32

Hey, everyone! Thanks for coming back for another YouTube Highlights post! If you didn’t know it already, Fridays are when we share a smattering of the videos that we’ve posted over the course of the week. And it looks like we had another pretty good week, what with classic games, classic platforming, and boss battles galore — we’ve been happily busy. As always, if you enjoy the videos we’ve posted here, then you should click on over to our channel where you can access our full complement of Let’s Plays and gaming videos. Like, comments, and shares are certainly appreciated, and hitting that “subscribe” button goes a long way in showing your support. Thank to all our current subscribers, and “welcome, thanks!” to anyone new. 🙂

Speaking of “new,” we’ll soon be posting a new Let’s Play to the channel thanks to The Duck of Indeed. On tap for this spookiest time of year is Light Nightmares Complete Edition! So keep an eye on our channel, and be sure to follow along as she ventures into Little Nightmare‘s dark but whimsical world.

And with that, on to the highlights!

Nostalgic Notions

This week on Nostalgic Notion we featured Toy Pop, an odd but enjoyable title from the mid 1980s  that’s all about popping presents to get goodies while avoiding the “evil” likes of toy soldiers and wind-up cars! It proved to be as difficult as it was adorable. (This video also marks the end of games on Namco Museum, Volume 1. Next week, we start Namco Museum, Volume 2!)


The Duck of Indeed knows Banjo-Kazooie like the back of her…um…wing! And it shows in the incredible progress that she’s been making through this wonderful N64 game.  This week she made short work of the desert-themed level called Gobi’s Valley, and then she went jiggy-hunting in a couple previous stages.

Mega Man X

When we think about classically difficult platform games, Mega Man surely comes to mind. But with practice comes experience as the Duck has readily been proving in her Let’s play of Mega Man X.  This was busy week in the game  as she beat all the bosses, ending the run with Boomer Kuwanger.  But, it’s not over yet! From there it’s onto Sigma’s Fortress for the finale stages of the game. Watch and cheer!

Thanks for watching, and join us next week for a new video wrap-up!