Trick and Treat: Flu Season in Persona 5

October is finally here everyone! In case you missed our earlier post, we’re celebrating this Halloween season by discussing all our favorite gaming tricks, treats, and personal feats. Today is the first of the month, so it looks like pleasure of getting everything started-off falls to me! So without further delay, let’s get this show rolling!

I’m going to start with my favorite not-so-secret trick/treat from Persona 5. As those who’ve played the game are likely aware, Persona 5 can be rather difficult at times, especially in the game’s early stages. While there’s very little to be done in the beginning beyond raiding the vending machines as often as possible, more and more trouble-saving options become available as the game wears on and more accessories become available. There’s one accessory in particular that I found invaluable against the last two bosses, and it’s one that’s not exactly easy to get under normal conditions.

The accessory is known as the “Divine Pillar” and it reduces all damage taken by 50% in exchange for the wearer’s ability to dodge. It’s extremely useful for keeping your party members alive in the face of the devastating, full-party-damaging, attacks many of the game’s bosses employ. The catch: you need to defeat a cap-level optional boss called “The Reaper” in order to get it. Quite frankly, you never want to fight the Reaper on his best day. He’ll wipe your party before you even have the chance to say “this was a mistake!” Here’s the trick though, you can just wait and then fight him on his worst day, and that day is any of the following: 11/13, 11/14, 11/15, 12/8, and 12/9. These days represent flu season in Persona 5, and they’re the absolute best days for you to go reaper hunting.

You see, during flu season, all the monsters in Mementos (an ever-present dungeon you can visit whenever you want) have a chance of getting afflicted with the status ailment: Despair. Despair drains enemies of their will to fight, and will automatically kill them after three turns. The Reaper isn’t immune to this ailment, and encountering the boss when it’s afflicted with it is your chance to gain this most valuable treat. Just enter Mementos on any of the days above and sit around Mementos until the Reaper spawns (don’t worry, he’ll find you). If it doesn’t have despair when the battle begins, book it on out of there and try again until he does. After that it’s just a matter of sitting through three turns and collecting your reward. Believe me, it’s worth it!

What’s your favorite boss drop? What does it do?