YouTube Highlights, Weekly Edition #28

Can you believe we’ve reached yet another Friday?! Funny how it just seems to come round each and every week like clockwork. 🙂 Alright, in all seriousness, let’s get down to business. Because around here, Friday means that it’s time for our weekly YouTube Highlights post! Here you’ll find a smattering of videos that we posted over on our YouTube channel this past. If you want to see everything that went on, be sure to check out our channel, and why not subscribe, or leave a like or comment, while there? It just takes a minute or two, and you’ll receive our everlasting love (and all our videos) in return. It’s a win-win deal!

And with that, start a’ scrolling for our gaming highlights…

Super Mario Galaxy

This week we bid a fond farewell to Super Mario Galaxy, as the The Duck of Indeed’s came to end of her Let’s Play. Yes, she obtained the last of the Purple Coins, ending her run in the difficult Dreadnought Galaxy. So what of the game’s denouement? Well…things were rather…anti-climactic. But surely fireworks were going off somewhere in celebration.

Nostalgic Notions

After having a tough time with Pole Position, was I looking forward playing Rally-X? I can’t say that I was. Though, thankfully, the game turned out to be a much different animal than simply maneuvering a car around a track (poorly). In fact, Rally-X was practically a breath of fresh air, even if I still choked in the end.


In case you hadn’t heard, The Duck of Indeed is now treating the world with the treat to end all treats — it’s Banjo-Kazooie! Join her in this all-new Let’s Play of one of the best and most entertaining 3D platformers ever made. This past week, she explored more of Grunty’s Lair and began work on the jam-packed Treasure Trove Cove!

Thanks for watching, and join us next week for a new video wrap-up!