Developers of Journey and Flow Tease New Game

After what’s felt like a long hiatus, ThatGameCompany is finally teasing their newest project. The game, known as “Sky”, will have its players  spread the light of compassion and kindness through the clouds of a barren sky kingdom.  They’ve only just revealed the game, so there isn’t much more available beyond that and the reveal trailer itself, which you can watch below.

(video from YouTube channel: ThatGameCompany)

Are you a fan of Journey or Flow? What was about them that you enjoyed most?

Lede image from official Sky reveal teaser


  1. The Album says:

    I enjoyed the connection with a complete stranger in Journey and how without words a bond could be formed, it was magical. Haven’t played Flow but this looks intriguing


  2. duckofindeed says:

    Journey looked interesting to me, but I never bought it because I thought it cost too much for how many hours it lasted. I’m not sure if the same will be the case with this game or not, but it certainly sounds interesting.

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