YouTube Highlights, Weekly Edition #25

Good day, good people! We are back with another YouTube Highlights post where we…well, highlight some of our gaming videos from our YouTube channel. See, it’s simple! All you have to do is kick back and click on to check out how things have been going. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Now, before we head to the videos, we’ve got a couple quick announcement. First, we’re incredibly pleased to make known to the masses {trumpets flourish, angelic choirs sing}…that Nostalgic Notions is returning! If you like classic gaming, and, in particular, watching people stumble and bumble through older games for 15 minutes or less (sometimes more), then be sure to stop by on Sundays — a new video will go up each week. This new Nostalgic Notions series features games from Namco Museum volumes 1-5, which contain some well-known titles, as well as a number of obscure ones, so there’s sure to be plenty of retro gaming fun to go round.

The second exciting bit of news concerns a new Let’s Play that we’ll soon be running. You’ll hear more about that on the site soon, so stay tuned for this…Rare opportunity! {wink, wink}

Now, on with the videos!

Super Mario Galaxy

In her ongoing Let’s Play of Super Mario Galaxy, The Duck of Indeed recently…COMPLETED THE GAME!

Well, okay, she defeated Bowser, which might signal the end of your typical Mario game. But as we all know, there’s nothing typical about Super Mario Galaxy. There’s plenty more to do as, after putting Bowser in his place, the Duck began the hunt for Purple Comets.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

The Duck’s time with The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask has also been drawing closer to the end. But before facing off with the Skull Kid, she completed work on a number of mini-games. Then, after facing off with the Skull Kid…well, watch and see!

Thanks for watching, and join us next week for a new video wrap-up!