Cuphead Releases 10 Minutes of New Gameplay

It’s almost here. After several years of teases, Cuphead is finally almost here! Everything I’ve seen from this game has me convinced that it’s going to be something special, and the latest gameplay video they released is no exception. Just take a look look and see for yourself!

(video by YouTube channel: Gamelite)

For the uninitiated, Cuphead is a game currently being developed by StudioMDHR and is in fact their first major game release. In the game, players will take on the role of the titular “Cuphead” as he jumps and shoots his way through the surrealistic world of a 1930’s-era cartoon. As you may have noticed in the video, the game does indeed look just like one of those old Disney cartoons! The only noticeable difference between the game and the cartoons it’s emulating is the frame rate. Cuphead runs at 60fps rather than the source material’s 24fps. The gameplay primarily follows the mold of the side-scrolling shooter, but also features an RPG-style overworld, infinite lives, and coop sections which allow another player to join the fun as “Mugman”.

Cuphead is set to release for Xbox One and PC on September 29, 2017. Everything about the game has looked great so far. All it needs to do now is stick the landing and become the hit we all know it can be!

What do you think of Cuphead? Do you see it as a game reliant upon its art style or is the art look more like it’s icing on an already delicious-looking cake?

(Lede image from official Cuphead press kit)