Fear Effect is Getting a Remake

Another set of Gamescom trailers dropped today. Some were more or less what we were expecting, while others came completely out of left-field. Among the more surprising reveals was a short teaser trailer for Fear Effect, a PS1 classic that is now getting its own crack at the remake treatment.

(Video by YouTube user: ForeverEntert)

Fear Effect was originally released on the PS1 back in February of 2000. With a name like “Fear Effect” and a somewhat serious trailer like the one above, one would assume that it’s a horror game. One would only be partially correct. Fear Effect had many of the horror game trapping of the time: zombies, supernatural phenomenon, rooms so dark you could barely see what’s going on, and those awful Resident Evil 1 tank controls; however, Fear Effect is much more of an action/adventure that’s masquerading as a horror game. There’s plenty of shooting action to be had, and more than a couple ridiculous scenarios to get through. Scenarios like say…one of the player characters choosing to run out and start gunning down zombies with nothing but a towel and two pistols. Does it make sense? Nope. It does sound kinda fun though.

There’s not much available about the new game, dubbed Fear Effect: Reinvented, at the moment. Judging from the teaser, it looks like they’ve opted to update the art style to something similar to the cell-shaded look seen in the recent Street Fighter games. It might have been funny/entertaining to see the game stick a bit closer to the original PS1 look, but I have a feeling that the novelty of such an aesthetic would wear-off quickly. Hopefully more details will soon follow this teaser, but for now I just hope that they’re not planning on bringing back the tank controls.

Were you a fan of the original Fear Effect? What kinds of changes do you want to see in this remake?

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    I liked to original and will be interested to see what they put together here, as long as they don’t have tank controls again.

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