YouTube Highlights: Weekly Edition #22

Howdy, everyone! No doubt you’re enjoying a lovely Friday, and we’re popping in here to hopefully make things even brighter.  Yes, it’s time for our weekly YouTube recap! Each Friday we post a few highlights from our week in videos, and today is no exception. If you like what you see here, then take a moment to show your support by clicking over to our channel and hitting that “subscribe” button. We’re closing in on 100 subscribers, and only YOU can help us get there! 😀

Now, scroll onward, friends!

Super Mario Galaxy

What a great week it has been for The Duck of Indeed’s Super Mario Galaxy Let’s Play! After handily wrapping things up in the Dreadnought Galaxy, which may have seemed a bit too familiar in some regards, The Duck of Indeed headed over to the Melty Molten Galaxy. It’s time to play Mario vs. lava…who will survive?! (Well, you know who, right?)

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

The quest for more heart pieces has been driving The Duck’s recent efforts in her current playthrough of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. But this past week, Link also uncovered some secrets about Kafei and Anju, and, as well, spent some time in a few mini-games. Watch and enjoy some fun side-questing action!


Thanks for watching, and join us next week for a new video wrap-up!