SNES Classic Mini Almost Immediately Sold Out in UK

Earlier this week, Nintendo finally announced the highly anticipated the SNES Classic Mini. To the delight of many a Nintendo fan, the company stated that they intend to produce “significantly more” of the item than its predecessor. While this is certainly a welcome announcement, it doesn’t seem to be translating into greater availability for the moment. True to form for most physical Nintendo goods, pre-orders for the SNES Classic Mini sold out almost as soon as they became available.

At the time of this writing, the only region that has had the chance to place their pre-orders is the UK. Pre-orders through Amazon and GAME went live late last night and were sold out in just under an hour. The ability to pre-order intermittently returned to Amazon and the UK Nintendo site for a couple hours after that, but for now pre-orders are completely sold out. Hopefully this won’t continue to be a trend as pre-orders are opened up for other regions, but those interested in obtaining should be prepared to act quickly just in case.

Nintendo never seems prepared to meet demand for their physical goods, so it’s really not surprising to see this happen again. Still, even if they do wind up disappointing many customers interested in snagging one of these mini-consoles, all could be forgiven if they make the games featured on it available on the Switch or even the 3DS. The real draw of this system, and the NES Classic Mini before it, are the games on it. If they follow through and make the games themselves more available, then losing out on the console won’t sting quite as much. That said, Nintendo’s plans for offering classic content on their newest major console are still vague at best. Until they decide to shed further light on their plans for classic content though, those without the original devices will just have to make do with the SNES Classic Mini.

What do you think of Nintendo’s handling of their physical goods? Do you want an SNES Classic Mini or will you wait for the games to be made available on the Switch? Better yet, do you still have your old SNES and games?

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  1. duckofindeed says:

    I actually think there’s a good chance I might see if I can get this in the future, as it would be an easy way to get a whole bunch of SNES games, those that I like and those that I never got a chance to play before. But if I’m not able to, there’s always the Wii U Virtual Console. I do wonder what the deal is with Nintendo, though? Why do they continue to run out of their products? Is there a reason for it or do they continuously under-anticipate how popular their products are going to be?

    In answer to your last question, I have a barely functioning SNES. It works, but the screen is distorted to the point that playing is quite difficult. I did replace my SNES with a used one from Amazon…and then I never ended up using it. I think I’ll be too heartbroken if this “new” SNES doesn’t work either (meaning I can’t play Illusion of Gaia, which doesn’t appear to be available anywhere but the SNES), so I couldn’t ever work up the courage to use it. I know. I’m silly.

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    1. Hatm0nster says:

      Hopefully there will be enough supply for these. Thing is, if you really do want one, you’re gonna have to get it before the year is out. They’ve said that they’re ceasing production after December.


      1. duckofindeed says:

        Ah, thanks for the info. That’s good to know. Gosh, Nintendo doesn’t make it easy to get their products.

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  2. DDOCentral says:

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