Tokyo 42 Looks Pretty Cool

For those who enjoy games with unique art and isometric cameras, Tokyo 42 might just be something worth checking out.

video from YouTube Channel: Mode 7

Tokyo 42 takes place in a futuristic Tokyo and follows the adventures of a man who is falsely accused of murder. Rather than getting captured and paying for this crime he didn’t commit, our hero chooses to clear his name by…becoming an assassin. If something about that seems off, it’s because it is. Along with the unusual presentation, the game is reportedly very tongue-in-cheek about the whole assassin thing. ┬áIndeed, Tokyo 42 looks like it’s just the thing for those who enjoy the Hitman games but wouldn’t mind a bit more novelty to go along with their stealth and shooting gameplay.

Tokyo 42 is available for PC and Xbox One for $20. It’s received mixed thus far, but might be worth the price for it’s unique looks, comedy, and its reportedly fun stealth elements.

Lede image captured by Hatmonster