New Overwatch PvE Event Leaked!

For those who haven’t yet heard, there’s a new Overwatch PvE set to go live today! Entitled “Overwatch: Insurrection”, this event is set to explore a portion of the Overwatch mythos by introducing a new game mode along with a healthy amount of skins, sprays, and other unlocks!

(At the time of this writing, the only available trailer is the one leaked on the French Playstation YouTube channel. There may be a better option available now.)

(UPDATE: This event is supposedly scheduled to go live around 6pm today, April 11th. Keep an eye on the sky heroes!)

The centerpiece of the event, scheduled to go live today and run through May 1st, appears to be a game mode in which players will take control of four of Overwatch’s early members: Mercy, Tracer, Torbjörn, and Reinhardt. It’s a coopeartive mode wherein players will be tasked with quelling an Omnic uprising in a place called “King’s Row”. Fans of Overwatch lore will no doubt recognize this confrontation as an important event in the history the game’s universe known as “The King’s Row Uprising”. It seems that this encounter is set about 7 years in the past and its outcome may even have contributed to the eventual disbanding of Overwatch. For those interested in learning more, there was a comic recently release that provides the full story. In fact, Polygon recently put out an article introducing this comic in which the also include a very helpful download link.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an Overwatch even without loot! Looking at the trailer, it appears that players will have the opportunity to acquire new skins for McCree, Genji, and Black Widow, and possibly some for Tracer, Reinhardt, Mercy, and Torbjörn. Overwatch being overwatch though, it’s more likely that loot boxes will contain sprays and other minor rewards. At least there’s plenty of new ones to collect right?

Are you excited for this event? If you’ve already played it, what do you think of it?

Image by Flickr user: KniBaron (cc)

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  1. Imtiaz Ahmed says:

    I don’t think I’ll have time to try this but I really like that Overwatch being primarily a competitive multiplayer game goes out of its way to include PvE co-op events like this. Such a great game.

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