Narcosis Seems to be Anything But Sleepy

March 2017 has been a important month for games thus far. It’s been high-profile release after high-profile release so far, and with the next Dark Souls III dlc and final Destiny live event set to drop next week, it doesn’t look like things will be slowing down anytime soon. With all these major releases dropping one after another it can be easy to forget that there’s plenty going on in the independent scene as well, but there are some games that manage to break through nonetheless. Narcosis is one of them.

(video from the Honor Code YouTube channel.)

Narcosis follows the story of a currently unnamed industrial diver as he desperately struggles to survive in the ocean’s dark depths after getting cut off from both his team and his support on the surface. Over the course of his journey, he will have to contend with hostile sea life, treacherous terrain, and an ever-dwindling supply of oxygen; not to mention the constant threat of isolation/oxygen deprivation-induced hallucinations. Simply put, Narcosis is a survival/horror that trades the supernatural for a much more grounded, and thus all too real, source of dread.

I only just recently found out about Narcosis via the above trailer, but it’s actually been around since at least 2014. Thanks to the links on the game’s official website, I found several articles from media outlets who’d had the opportunity to get some hands-on time with the game. As far as can be told, it looks like your diver will be spending the entire duration of the game within their industrial diving suit. For those unaware, a modern deep sea diving suit looks something like the following:


They’re awkward, bulky, slow-moving things that are also one’s only means of survival at the depths they’re made to operate in. According to a 2014 Polygon article, Honor Code routinely refers to their suit as the “walking coffin”, a nickname that is actually quite apt considering the nature of this type of suit. It’s a heavy enclosure keeping you from easily moving around or rising to the surface, but at the same time it’s indispensable. Survival is impossible without it. This sort of suit is what the game is built around. It’s bulky slowness is always a factor, be it navigating the sea floor or fending of the more hostile deep ocean creatures. However, your main enemy won’t come from outside the suit, but from within. If anything is going to do your diver in, it’s going to be oxygen deprivation.

Maintaining and restoring your oxygen levels is paramount in Narcosis. Over-exertion causes it to deplete faster. Panic causes it to deplete faster. Looking at disturbing scenes will cause your supply to deplete faster. Loose too much oxygen and your diver will start to suffer everything from the game’s namesake to outright hallucinations. Keep those tanks filled and that breathing regulated!

That’s about all I currently know about the game in a nutshell. While the gameplay systems sound interesting, it’s the atmosphere and setting on display in these trailers and screenshots that’s got me paying attention. The deep sea has always been an object of simultaneous fascination and dread for me. It looks and sounds cool, but the idea of somehow getting stuck alone in those cold, dark, depths is near the pinnacle of my worst fears. It’s something I’ve gotten to explore through movies like The Abyss and Sphere but never before in a game. It’s for that reason that I’m looking forward to jumping into it once time allows.

Narcosis is set to release on March 28, for Steam and the Xbox One. If you’d like a more in-depth description of the game, please check out the linked article or the game’s official website (also linked below).

Exploring the frightening depths of the ocean’s abyss in a walking coffin – Polygon 2014

Narcosis Official Website

Lede image gathered from the Narcosis Steam page.


  1. duckofindeed says:

    I’ve been quite interested in unique horror games recently, and this game sounds really spooky indeed. If I don’t get a chance to play it myself, I’d certainly like to watch it on Youtube.


  2. Wow this looks really interesting! Too bad it’s not coming to Playstation (yet?), because I think I’d enjoy the anxiety production this game promises (haha).

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    1. Hatm0nster says:

      Yeah, it’s unfortunate that PS isn’t getting it (yet anyway), but at least it’ll be on Steam.

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