Happy Zelda-ween!

Image by Flickr user Colony of Games (CC)
Image by Flickr user Colony of Gamers (CC)

If you hadn’t caught on already, we here at United We Game hold The Legend of Zelda series close to our hearts. We also enjoy this time of year when thoughts turn towards celebrating Halloween, especially in games. This year, we decided to combine the two into a new posting theme: Zelda-ween! Over the next three weeks, Hatm0nster, The Duck, and I will be offering up spooky posts on spooky themes in the Zelda series: enemies, dungeons, and unintentional scares. It’s going to be spook-tacular!

But wait, you ask, aren’t the Zelda games all about adventure and excitement, Link and a princess, finding cool items, and exploring magical lands? They aren’t scary! Oh but good readers, they are. Sure, they aren’t Resident Evil-scary with blood and gore and zombies scratching at your heels, but they aren’t cute and cuddly either. In fact, very often in the games, the scariest moments arrive just when you think Link is safe. The games offer up masterful mixes of storytelling that cover every emotion, from lighthearted jolliness to sheer dread. And though the games aren’t swimming in typically scary visuals, many of the enemies that Link meets and some of the places that he explores remain unsettling and eerie. Even the notion of having to fight one’s way through a temple or dungeon alone is enough to make one feel anxious. Add to that an array of deadly traps and bad guys, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a creepy good time.

So join us as we celebrate Zelda-ween with our lists and stories examining the series’ creepiest enemies, the most spooky dungeons, and the scariest moments that we didn’t expect! Our first post in the series will go up on October 16th, and the final one will post on November 3rd. And we invite you to share your own scary (or un-scary) Legend of Zelda stories along the way.

Happy Zelda-ween!

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  1. ReDeads – lumbering towards you, the moaning, the scary shrieks, and then you can’t get away! Yes, Zelda can be scary!

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    1. cary says:

      Haha, right! You better believe we’ll be talking about the ReDeads. Seriously, of all the crazy, scary, terrible, horrible enemies that exist in games, ReDeads might just be the worst of all.

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  2. Mr. Panda says:

    Fun! I have to say, some of the scariest moments in video games have been from the Zelda series. The Shadow Temple, Redeads, the Moon… *shudder*

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    1. cary says:

      All good ones! I think the Shadow Temple gets a unanimous vote for being one of the scariest dungeons of the whole series. We’ll be discussing it, for sure!

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  3. cary says:

    Reblogged this on Recollections of Play and commented:

    If you like the Zelda series and you love Halloween, then join us at United We Game for a new celebration…it’s Zelda-ween! Click below to find out more!


  4. ambigaming says:

    Just stumbled across your blog!
    Re-deads have already been mentioned, but I remember being scared of Dead Hand in OoT. And the Bottom of the Well…
    Or Yeta’s transformation in Twilight Princess…
    A frightening concept, too, was the Spirit Realm in Skyward Sword: being completely helpless in a hostile environment was a nice bit of added stress to the game.

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    1. cary says:

      Thanks for stopping by! ReDeads, Dead Hands, and the Bottom of the Well will surely come up in our posts. And you’re totally right about Yeta’s transformation — that was really frightening and surprising! (That game was full of creepy moments, really. I mean, Link’s nightmare just about tops the cake!) I’ve not played Skyward Sword, but perhaps one of our other writers will cover it. Being helpless in a game is no fun no matter what.

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